SIDEWALK TRIP HAZARDS – Removing Prior to you Bay Area REAC Inspection

I am one of the owners for Rooted Retrofitting Inc.  (925)-378-2204 . Our company deals mainly in three areas. Earthquake Retrofitting of residential homes and small commercial buildings. The elimination of trip hazards on concrete sidewalks to mitigate injury to pedestrians and the possibility of lawsuit, and correcting deficiencies to the exterior of buildings and the site in preparation of REAC inspections. We are a niche business for sure. In general, we can walk your property to identify trip hazards and get you a proposal the same day.

My particular background is perfectly suited for this business. I worked for residential and commercial contractors for 15 years before starting my own company. My construction company performed additions, kitchen and bath remodels, dry rot remediation, deck replacement and a variety of other construction related issues. After about 10 years I went to work as a project manager for a large affordable housing company. While working at this company I was trained to prepare properties for their HUD REAC Inspections. The process was to prepare the properties by doing a thorough walk through and creating a report of deficiencies. We would come back to the property 3-4 weeks later and do a thorough inspection of the property again and verify as to whether the previous deficiencies were fixed or not. Most of the time, in my experience, removing trip hazards prior to the reac inspection was one of the last tasks to be performed. Many times, it was not for lack of trying but in many cases the properties did not know where to look. Also, many times during the actual inspection, the property would eliminate 99% of the trip hazards only to have the Hud Inspector find an obvious sidewalk trip hazard. This happened to me while shadowing the inspector numerous times and was extremely frustrating. When picking a sidewalk trip hazard contractor to eliminate your pre REAC trip hazards, you will want to choose a contractor who knows what inspectors are looking for and knows the significance of finding 100% of the trip hazards, not 99%.  Unlike now where you are given two weeks to find a contractor to work on your REAC deficiencies and have staff correct the rest, in those days you had anywhere from 1-3 months to prepare the property. Now Hud will call the property and give them a two-week time frame for REAC inspection of the property.

Our process is to walk a property and identify all sidewalk trip hazards. We then give the property a free report with each trip hazard labeled individually with a GPS coordinate, description, picture and price. We can usually get the report to the property on the same day as the walkthrough.

At Rooted Retrofitting  ,we have performed sidewalk trip hazard removals all throughout the  San Francisco Bay Area for REAC Inspections in areas like San Francisco, Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, Hayward, Castro Valley, Oakland, San Leandro, Vallejo, Napa, Petaluma, Santa Rosa, San Pablo, Orinda, Lafayette, Concord, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Sacramento, Fairfield, San Rafael. In addition, we have removed sidewalk trip hazards in the South Bay Area in cities like Fremont, Santa Clara, San Jose, Palo Alto, Redwood City, Milpitas, Newark, Mountain View, as well as Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Capitola. Please call Rooted Retrofitting today at (925)-378-2204 for a free sidewalk trip hazard property walk through.