Keeping People Protected From Unnecessary Harm.

Seismic Brace & Bolt + Soft Story

Have You Protected Your Home or Building From Our Next Earthquake?

Earthquake Retrofitting

We offer a professional yet personal approach to Earthquake and Seismic Retrofit.
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Walkway Trip Hazard Removal

Our concrete grinding improves property safety and complies with ADA or REAC Standards.

Bay Area Trip Hazard

We use the latest equipment to inspect and repair sidewalks, for a fraction of the cost of sidewalk replacement.
Repair a Trip Hazard

ADU Builders

Custom ADU's built to match your home.

Bay Area ADU Builders

Custom Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) or Home Office. Built to match your needs.
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SB-721 & SB-326

The "Balcony Law"

Balcony and Deck Contractor

We complete the construction on your SB-721 or SB-326 project.
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30+ Years Experience

Our co-founder has 30+ years experience in all aspects of construction and retrofitting .

How We’re Different

We assume good contractors would conduct business like us, but we know there are many who do not.  What we can promise your service and work will be at a high standard we have determined. 

EBB FEMA Certified

Completed Earthquake Brace and Bolt FEMA training for Seismic Retrofits of Single Family Wood-Frame Dwellings.

Hugh and his team were excellent. From design to build they were easy to talk to, listened to what we wanted and delivered on budget and on time. Would absolutely recommend them. First rate for professionalism, friendliness, trustworthiness and attention to detail. Will definitely be using them again for our next project.

Angie M. Alamo, CA

Let Us Protect You!

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