Earthquake Preparation Checklist

While you might think you are pretty prepared if something were to happen, you might want to go over that earthquake preparation list one more time to ensure that you have everything that you need in case of a bad tremor. Sure, we are pretty used to mild earthquakes but there are some that can take down city infrastructure and topple trees and buildings. It could get crazy out there and you need to be prepared for such an event if you live in an earthquake zone area.
Many people will assemble a kit that they keep in a closet somewhere.

This kit should include:

At least 3 days worth of non perishable food in case there isn’t power available to keep your refrigerator running. Keep in mind that you might not have power for several days so you need a way to cook this food too. Be sure that you also pack a manual can opener, so you can break into the cans should power be knocked out by an earthquake.

Small propane grills can be used instead of a stove to cook your food; just be sure to operate these outside only. You will be happy to be able to have a hot meal home cooked meal in the event of earthquake related power loss. While these grills are fairly inexpensive and good to keep around, be sure to keep plenty of matches and lighters on hand to ensure that you can light the grill in such a scenario.

More Things To Ensure You Are Prepared

Water – This should go without saying but it is sometimes be looked and rather easily too. Ensure you have at least a gallon of water per person living with you for three days.  This will be used mainly for drinking but sanitation as well.  Of course, the more water you have the better but if you are limited on space this is a good start. Water during emergencies becomes quite scarce.

A NOAA weather radio or hand-crank radio so you can hear what is going on around you. Keeping up on local news is of the utmost importance.

Extra batteries to power all kinds of things.  Power banks are good for phones and other mobile devices. Also, having a flashlight and dust masks are good to have on hand so as to ensure that you can breathe around any rubble that may be present.

Basic tools are good to have around as well as a whistle.  If you are stuck inside a collapsed building a whistle can alert people outside that you are in there.  Basic tools are good to shut off water and other things that may cause issues after an earthquake.

Other Things To Keep On Hand In The Event Of A Bad Earthquake

Baby wipes or moist towels will be good to stock up on. These can be used for sanitation reasons and in the event you are unable to take a bath. Plastic shopping bags are another good item to use along with a bucket as a temporary toilet if yours becomes inoperable.

Be sure that you keep a sleeping bag on hand for each person as well as a few heavy blankets so that nobody gets too cold, especially at night. They’re easy to overlook in an emergency but make preparations for your pets as well. Be sure that you stockpile additional food and water for them as well. It is easy for us to forget to purchase pet food and you don’t want your pet to go without in the event of an emergency. Always have a few additional bags in storage.

If you have a baby, you will need additional baby supplies.  However, these will need to be changed up as the baby grows so update and upgrade every few months. Always have an extra box of diapers and formula on hand which will assure you won’t be caught without.