SIDEWALK TRIP HAZARDS – Removing Prior to you Bay Area REAC Inspection

I am one of the owners for Rooted Retrofitting Inc.  (925)-378-2204 . Our company deals mainly in three areas. Earthquake Retrofitting of residential homes and small commercial buildings. The elimination of trip hazards on concrete sidewalks to mitigate injury to pedestrians and the possibility of lawsuit, and correcting deficiencies to the exterior of buildings …

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The next big Earthquake is not a matter of if but when!

Scientists predict that within a 30-year period (beginning in 2014), there’s a 51 percent chance that the San Francisco region specifically will experience one or more magnitude-7.0 or greater earthquakes. They also say there’s a 98 percent chance of one or more magnitude-6.0 or greater quakes occurring in the San Francisco area during that same timeframe.