Rooted Retrofitting Inc. Announces Covid-19 Operating Procedures

San Francisco, California – In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the bay area’s leading earthquake retrofitting agency, Rooted Retrofitting Inc. has made health and safety it’s top priority. While earthquake retrofitting requires frequent meeting with customers and other individuals under normal circumstances, these are anything but “normal” times. In order to protect both its customers and its team members the company has made several striking changes to their business model. A good example of this is the elimination of face to face meetings for all off site related work pertaining to a customer’s home which is now handled via phone, email, or through virtual meetings. This includes the filing of permit paperwork and all other project related details.

“A crisis like the one we are currently enduring demands that we take precautionary measures in our work, both on and offsite. The safety and health of our team members and our customers is our chief concern which is why Rooted Retrofitting has eliminated all non-essential contact with people. We are utilizing modern technology to stay in contact with homeowners and keep them in the loop at all times. All planning, architecture, and engineering is done remotely which eliminates the possibility of either passing or contracting the Coronavirus at a jobsite. When our team does venture out into the field to reinforce a house and protect it against quakes, it does so taking all the government recommended precautions. We want our customers to know that part of protecting their home and their families includes protecting them against this virus.” says Rooted Retrofitting co-founder Hugh Walpole.

Rooted Retrofitting has long placed safety at the top of its priority list, but this virus potentially puts its customers at risk as well. The company has therefore done away with any business practices that it has deemed hazardous. Employees work away from homeowners and remain in constant contact with them throughout retrofitting so that they never occupy the same space at the same time. The company’s team size is kept to a minimum in an effort to mitigate the risk of spreading or contracting the disease.

“It’s not enough to avoid meeting customers face to face. Doing our part means adopting the social responsibility of limiting the number of team members that work onsite as well. Moreover, our team wears masks and works sparsely in areas that require retrofitting, never entering areas they don’t need to be in. Todd and I want everyone with a home in the bay area to know that we remain open during this pandemic and that we are doing our part to ensure the safety of both their homes and their families.” adds Mr. Walpole.

About Rooted Retrofitting

After years of working on other projects together, Hugh Walpole and Todd Claus founded Rooted Retrofitting. The company provides earthquake retrofitting services to homes and buildings, both new and old, in San Francisco. The company’s services reinforce soft buildings which in turn makes them more resilient to earthquakes. Their work not only protects homes against collapse and other types of damage but saves lives as well. The company’s continuing success can be attributed to both a dedication to customer service and the highest quality of work.