Preventative Covid-19 Working Measures

We are still open during this time!

The Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the lives of everyone. While San Franciscans practice social distancing and do their best to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus, Rooted Retrofitting wants you to know that we remain open during this crisis. Protecting homes against earthquakes and protecting families remains a top priority for us.

It is important to note however that during this period of isolation and prevention, Rooted Retrofitting is taking all of the precautions necessary to protect the health of its customers and team members. We have implemented measures that allow us to work remotely which keeps our team and your family safe.

Working Remotely

  • Many aspects of our work such as architecture, civil and structural engineering, and administration can all be handled in our private offices.
  • When the need to communicate with one another or our customers arises these meetings are conducted via phone, email, and through various digital platforms that bring people together.
  • Given the situation, even those “in person” or on site meetings that are normally part of the retrofitting process can be addressed through video conference calls.

On Site Work

Rooted Retrofitting is in the business of preserving both the property and health of its customers. This means that preventing the spread of COVID-19 is of the utmost importance, especially when our team arrives at a home to reinforce and strengthen it.

  • Our team works while adhering to government guidelines. This includes wearing masks and working in small teams.
  • We keep our customers informed regarding any and all on site work so that they too can take the necessary precautions.

Ever A Priority

During these uncertain times it’s easy to overlook those things that aren’t immediately dangerous or don’t seem to pose much risk. While we all work to avoid contracting and spreading the Coronavirus, it is important to remember that earthquakes can strike at any time. Being that San Francisco earthquakes are among the worst on the planet, ensuring your home can stand up to strong tremors should always remain at the forefront of your mind. Rooted Retrofitting is here for San Franciscans during these uncertain times and will help protect their homes and families against earthquakes.

To learn more about earthquakes and earthquake predicting, visit the United States Geological Survey website.

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