What will a complete seismic/earthquake retrofit cost me?

 While there is no such thing as a standard cost for earthquake retrofitting a home, the average price is usually about 2 to 3 percent of the home’s cost in bay area that makes the range $8000 to $12,000 for your typical home. The cost of repairing a foundation for a typical home after an earthquake could be $25,000 or more. That is at least double the cost of a retrofit. Larger homes, those built on hillsides, and those with basements or rooms over garages will typically cost more to retrofit and will start around $15,000. Many of the average costs mentioned on other websites don’t include drawings, permits and program management with third parties such as EBB (earthquake brace and bolt).

Common Steps/Cost to complete a Seismic (earthquake) Retrofit

1. If applying for a $3000 grant from FEMA, CRMP or CEA through their EBB (Earthquake Brace and Bolt Program). Your first step will be to register and get accepted into their program  

2. Contact a contractor for a free onsite home inspection the contractor should go into your crawl space to detriment the scope of work.

3. Receive a proposal from the contractor to compare the scope of work as well as services included.

4. Choose a contractor and receive, review and sign a contract to perform the work. A deposit is collected typically 10% with the max being $1000.

5. Register the contractor through your EBB portal.

4. If included the Contractor will design, draw and make copies of the formal construction plans to be submitted to the city or county for your permit.

5. If included the Contractor will physically submit the plan to the city or county building department to secure the permit.  Many building departments engineers may have questions, so it is always best to have your contractor, architect, or structural engineer present.

6. If included in the cost, the contractor will upload all plans, permits, before time stamped photos of the project including exterior photos and contracts required by EBB to qualify you for the $3000 Grant.

7. EBB will submit all these items to the proper channel you started with (FEMA, CRMP or CEA) for final approval to work to start. 14-30 days

8.  Once approved the work will be scheduled with your contractor.

9. Contract will order, pick up and or deliver all materials needed to complete your project.

10. Work begins. A typical retrofit takes 2-3 days with some larger homes taking 6-7 days.

11. Work is completed, and the building inspector is called to complete the final inspection for the permit sign off.

12. Signed off permit, completion time stamped photos and completed invoice are submitted to EBB for completion of your project and the funding of your $3000 grant.

13. Contractor is paid for work completed. We offer you to pay us the net amount less the grant. We set up payment of $3000 form EBB to

Earthquakes occur suddenly and without warning. The motion on the earth’s crust can cause severe damage to homes. Older structures are especially at risk because many were not built to resist shaking and moving. Strengthening homes may greatly reduce or eliminate damage to a home during these types of natural disasters, and it may also prevent injury and even death.