San Francisco Soft Story Retrofitting

San Francisco Soft Story Retrofitting

With San Francisco’s earthquake history being one of devastating consistency, both residents and the city’s local government have long sought ways to reduce the damage that tremors throughout the Bay Area cause and to save lives. The unusually quiet past 3 decades have afforded the San Francisco government the time needed to develop a very solid program that does all of the aforementioned.

The Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program, better known as “MSSP” was created in 2013 as a muti-year community based effort designed to ensure the safety of homes and buildings all throughout San Francisco. The MSSP is enforced by the Department Of Building Inspection and thus far 99% of all property owners have responded to the program, having submitted their screening forms for verification of earthquake retrofitting.

Soft Story Buildings

  • Soft story buildings are those that feature multiple floors which are either stronger or weaker than others below them.

  • These weaknesses in buildings are exploited during earthquakes which then cause collapse. Collapsing buildings cost homeowners, the city, and multiple companies millions of dollars.

  • Even worse, soft store buildings end lives of both the people inside of them and those outside.

The MSSP And Property Owners

  • Although the vast majority of property owners have had their homes and buildings earthquake retrofitted in the years since the MSSP was instituted, there are those whom don’t know what that entails nor how to begin the process.

  • As a property owner you’ll want to have your homes and/or buildings retrofitted so as to avoid notices of violations and placards being placed on your structures.

  • In doing so you will not only protect yourself but you will be protecting all those whom might be in or near your building during an earthquake.

Retrofitting For Your Homes And Buildings

  • Rooted Retrofitting has been helping property owners protect their investments, families, employees, and guests for years.

  • Our team begins the process by visiting your location and making a number of important assessments. These assessments tell our team what and where the strengths and weaknesses of your soft story building are.


  • From here we devise a plan of action and then get to work on reinforcing your home and/or building. We utilize different types of braces that not only connect to walls but also get bolted into your foundation for additional support.


  • Our brace and bolt program keeps walls and floors from collapsing during an earthquake. Earthquake retrofitting also keeps buildings from falling off their foundation during a tremor which is key in saving them from being demolished during such an event. When our work is completed your building will also be compliant with MSSP standards and you’ll avoid the hassles and fines associated with being non-compliant.